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Dr. Sears — 70 and Not Missing a Beat

Posted by Dr. Sears' Zone

Jun 16, 2017 1:39:22 PM
Dr Sears 70th Birthday - Healthy Aging


After much travel, Dr. Barry Sears celebrated his 70th birthday  with family, friends and colleagues! If you were to look at his travel schedule and recent speaking engagements, you might just think he found the fountain of youth. Ask him his secret and he would tell you that he is defying his genes using the Zone Diet. If family history is anything to make life predictions on, Dr. Sears, having surpassed his father's lifespan by 15 years thus far, is proving that your health span and your future is in your hands.


See what he's been up to over the past few weeks, what's on the horizon and how he celebrated the big day!


Dr. Sears Global Travel and Speaking Engagements

May 1–15: Italy

  • Chairman and Speaker at the 4th International Congress in Nutrition entitled Positive Nutrition.
  • Lecture on “The Use of the Zone Diet in the CrossFit program” in Lecco (in northern Italy near Swiss border)
  • Interviews with national Italian newspapers and journals in Milan prior to the Sorbini conference in Nutrition.
  • Zone Consultant Certification Course in Milan -200 attendees
  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Course in Lake Como-100 pharmacists
  • Zone Consultant Certification Course in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Lecture on the use of the Zone Diet in Endurance Sports on the Swiss-Italian border
  • Lecture on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition in Udine
  • Lecture on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition in Bologna

June 6–10: Brazil

  • Met with Leandro Zanutto and the Zone Diet Brazil team and conducted lecture at the University of Sao Paolo — Immunology on The use of high-dose omega-3 fatty acids to accelerate the resolution of inflammation.Dr. Sears Lecturing in Brazil
  • Lectured at the Ortho Molecular Congress - Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition with 1200 – 1500 in attendance.
  • Attends the Zone booth.zone_brazil_booth
  • Celebrated his 70th birthday with the Brazilian Zone Team.Dr. Sear Birthday Celebration in Brazil

June 11: USA

Surprise! Unexpectedly celebrated his 70th birthday with Zone Labs Staff, family and friends and partners from Zone Diet Mexico and ZoneFocus Ecuador.
Dr. Sears Birthday Celebration in USA

Upcoming Engagements

June 18–20: Rome

  • Packing another suitcase and jetting off to Rome to launch Positive Nutrition, a book he co-authored in Italy.
  • Interviewing on "Porta a Porta" (similar to 60 minutes).

June 21: USA
Return home for business as usual — until the next trip!


As you can see, with such a demanding travel schedule, Dr. Sears proves that Healthy Aging is possible with the right diet and taking care of yourself. Happy birthday, Dr. Sears. We're proud of you!


Help us wish Dr. Sears a happy birthday by leaving your comments below. 

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