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Dr. Sears' Polyphenol Q & A

Beyond Cholesterol: The Real Link Between Diet and Heart Disease

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Q&A with Dr. Sears

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Anyone Can Have Insulin Resistance

Longevity Declines as Healthcare Expenditures Rise

Rising Healthcare Costs Will Be the New Norm

Zone Labs Advantage Customers Show Dramatic Reduction in Cellular Inflammation Score Compared to Average Americans

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The Zone Diet As a Way of Life

Healthspan Is the New Lifespan

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Our Brains Control Why We Eat – But You’re Much Smarter

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Why Has It Been So Hard to Fight Alzheimer’s?

Sunscreen May Actually Be Dangerous

Evolution of the Zone: Making Diet Work for a Lifetime

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Anti-Aging: Beauty From the Inside Out

Can Diabetes Be Prevented Even Before Birth?

Everything Processed Foods Are Cooked Up to Be

Personalized Wellness Is All About You

An Alien World, Right in Your Gut

Back to the Future of Dieting

Olive Oil: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A Slippery Subject: Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s

DASH Diet vs. Zone Diet Comparison

Making Sense of U.S. Dietary Guidelines

Is Tom Brady Really in the Zone?

One of the Few Diet Books I Would Ever Recommend

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Athletic Performance

The Zone Diet After 20 Years – What's New?

How One Flawed Omega-3 Study Generates Another

Academic Food Fight

New Breakthroughs in Treating Diabetes

The Real Facts About Fish Oil & Heart Disease (Part 2 of 2)

Why Does the FDA Exist in the First Place?

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The Real Facts About Fish Oil & Heart Disease (Part 1 of 2)

The Way Diets Are Rated Is Flawed

Science Claims Your Diet Doesn't Matter

What If Gluten Sensitivity Doesn’t Exist?

Making Science Out of Sausage

How to Manage Brain Trauma with Omega-3 Fish Oil

Facts About Metabolically Healthy Obesity

Your Cholesterol Cure May Be Madness

Anti-Aging Made Easy

Giving Back May Provide You A Longer Lifespan

Omega-3s and Impact on Prostate Cancer

Do Exercise & Diet Reduce Heart Disease for Diabetics?

A Good Diet Studied Poorly

Deflating the Facts on Obesity

Harvard Study Finds Regained Weight on Atkins Diet

Flawed Study on Fish Oil Effectiveness

Why To Avoid Statins in Drinking Water

What Are the Real Differences Between EPA and DHA?

Fight Depression with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

What is Cellular Inflammation?

Hard Times Are Ahead for Diabetes

Biggest Loser or Best Zoner?

The Possibility of Changing Gene Expression

Meditation: Push-Ups For the Brain

Eat Less, Get Hungry

Preventing Obesity Through Prenatal Nutrition

How to Eliminate 50% of Coronary Events

Even If You’re Fat, You May Be Healthy

You May Not Have To Pass The Salt

Obesity Rates Continue to Get Bigger

The Key To A Healthy Gut

Zone Diet Validation Studies

Ease Off the Fats During Pregnancy, Mom

What Medicare Are We Really Entitled To?

USDA Narrows Gap to the Zone Diet

What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol

No Excuses: Eat Your Breakfast

The Demise of the Mediterranean Diet?

Is There An Obesity Gene?

The Dangers of Prostate Cancer Study Over-Analysis

Where Does Fat Go?

The Fallacy of Using DHA Alone for Brain Trauma

Stop Obesity from Starting In the Womb

Diet Can Affect Family Genes for Generations

Fish Oil and Impact on Fat Loss

Fetal Programming: Gene Transformation Gone Wild

A New Obesity Suspect: Your Daily Coffee

Omega-3s Improve Blood Pressure

Gastric Bypass Surgery: A Solution or Admitting Defeat?

Myths In Treatment of Childhood Obesity

A Dumb Diet from France With Longterm Risks

New Food Trends May Be Dysfunctional

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

The No-Guilt Story On Chocolate

Blaming the Brain on Weight Gain

How Polyphenols Make Probiotics Work Better

A Brief History Of The Human Food Supply

How To Avoid Depression with Omega-3s

When Is A Diet Not A Diet?

Pass The Polyphenols

The New “Eat Less” USDA Food Pyramid

Breast Cancer and Inflammation Are Related

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The Secret Of Blueberries: It’s The Dephinidins

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A Cash Cow Based On Bad Science

Weight Loss or Fat Loss? It Makes A Difference

Diet Important In Weight-Loss Maintenance

Aspirin…Not Just For Heart Disease

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

The Link Between Inflammation, Intelligence and Death

Ward Off The Common Cold With Exercise

Don’t Let Treats Play Tricks On Your Body

Despite Claims: Moms & Babies Need Fish Oil

Simple Dietary Changes Ease Diabetes Risk

Time To Get Your Zzz’s

For Losing Weight, Exercise Is Good, But Diet Is Better

New September Beginnings for Your Health

This New Biomarker Predicts Alzheimer Risk

Eat Your Breakfast: Why the Age-Old Advice Is True

Omega-3s Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Mood-Lifting Properties of B-Vitamins

What Exactly is BMI?

Bad News on Toxic Fat Has Glimmer of Hope

Milk Proven Helpful In Workout Recovery

United States Major Export: Obesity

Take The Pain Out Of Your Arthritis

Motivation Through The Buddy System

Sleep… It Does A Body Good

A Calorie’s a Calorie… Not Quite

Women Can Reduce Stroke Risk With Physical Activity

Grains Are Good For Us… Right?

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Exercise Recommendations Have Increased For Women

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Getting Kids To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh vs. Frozen Vegetables – What's the Difference?

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7 Tips to Motivate You to Stay Active

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Think Before Taking That Next Bite

Ways To Prevent Vegetable Overload

High Purity Omega-3 Fish Oil As Alternative To Anti-Psychotic Drugs