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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Dr. Barry Sears
on September 02, 2021

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Brady, and Dr. Sears all have in common? Anti-inflammatory diets. This month Gwyneth Paltrow took to the Goop Podcast to share that she has changed her diet to address a specific health issue: inflammation. She goes on to say how she is following an anti-inflammatory diet to minimize some of the lingering long-hauler COVID symptoms she has. Yahoo News asked Dr. Sears to weigh in on celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Brady following this eating plan. Read on for the full story.

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Dr. Sears expands on the feature from Yahoo News to talk about the role of anti-inflammatory diets and COVID.

The definition of an anti-inflammatory diet needs to be clear to be helpful. In particular, an anti-inflammatory diet should reduce the excess production of inflammatory hormones (i.e., eicosanoids) and inflammatory proteins (i.e., cytokines).

Virtually no one had heard of cytokines until the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cytokines are secreted by the immune system and play a critical role in inflammation. The complications of Covid-19 are caused by “cytokine storms” due to their excess production after viral infection. Thus, an anti-inflammatory diet might also be considered an “anti-Covid-19 complication” diet.

The best characterized anti-inflammatory diet is the Zone diet. More than 35 published studies have demonstrated its ability to reduce the complications of excess inflammation-driven conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. However, guessing what constitutes an anti-inflammatory diet will not get you to your goal of reducing diet-induced inflammation. Therefore, you need an easy-to-follow dietary system that can be personalized to your genetics and dietary preferences. The Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system, a combination of the Zone Diet, omega-3s, and polyphenols, provides that dietary system.

Furthermore, your success in reducing inflammation can be determined by the blood. It has been found that reaching those blood markers that define the Zone results in reduced eicosanoid and cytokine levels. It is the reduction of inflammation that results in the slowing of the rate of aging. The slowing of aging is the ultimate reason you want to follow the Zone Pro-Resolution dietary system for a lifetime.  



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