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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears Creator of the Zone Diet

Dr. Barry Sears

Zone Diet | 12 min read

Defining Anti-Inflammatory Diets

To make science reproducible, you must have definitions. The more rigo...

How To Know You're In The Zone

The Zone can best be understood as the physiological state in your bod...

Inflammation AMPK | 5 min read

The Role of AMPK in Inflammation

Without a good definition of an anti-inflammatory diet, the result is ...

Anti-Inflammatory Diets: Past, Present, and Future

A recent article on Yahoo Life described the various celebrities, such...

Anti-Inflammatory Diets and COVID

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Brady, and Dr. Sears all have in common? ...

Omega-3 Fish Oil | 5 min read

Why Omega-3 Studies Fall Short: Problems With Analysis

A recent article has been published stating that EPA is superior to co...

Polyphenols | 2 min read

Burn Fat Faster

Now that the Covid-19 epidemic seems to be slowing down, we must conte...

Omega-3 Fish Oil Fish Oil | 3 min read

Stress and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It’s common knowledge that stress can be a killer. But what is not cle...

Omega-3 Fish Oil Fish Oil | 2 min read

A-Fib and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A recent article has suggested that omega-3 fatty acids are associated...

Omega-3 Fish Oil | 2 min read

Covid-19 and Omega-3 Fish Oil

A recent paper has indicated that an excellent indicator that you are ...

Zone Foods | 3 min read

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil has been prized for thousands of years for its health benefi...

Olive Oil | 1 min read

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Q/A Video with Dr. Sears

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), not refined olive oil, is one of the ri...

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