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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears Creator of the Zone Diet

Dr. Barry Sears

| 6 min read

EPA and DHA: The Science Behind Why You Need Both Omega-3s In Your Diet

The primary benefits of omega-3s come from their ability to resolve in...

Zone food | 3 min read

Olive Oil Q&A with Dr. Sears

Today Dr. Sears is answering your questions about oils and which ones ...

Coronavirus and the Immune Nutrition Approach

Viruses were here long before we were and will certainly outlast us. S...

Polyphenols | 4 min read

Cocoa Benefits Q and A

Dr. Sears answers some of the top questions we receive about our new C...

Polyphenols | 3 min read

Polyphenols: Key Features to Look at When Supplementing

This week we are introducing the newest members of our polyphenol line...

Protein | 3 min read

Protein Q&A with Dr. Sears

Protein is an essential nutrient meaning we have to get it through our...

Overview of the Resolution Zone

Some 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates stated that the goal of the physicia...

Zone Diet Dr. Barry Sears | 4 min read

Keto Diet: Your Questions Answered

Chances are you or someone you know has tried the keto diet. This high...

Why Read The Resolution Zone?

It has been more than 35 years since I first had the idea that unresol...

Dr. Barry Sears | 3 min read

Calorie Restriction: Why There's More To It Than Simply Weight Loss

Regardless of what you are told, the only way to lose excess body fat ...

Dr. Barry Sears | 3 min read

Protein Leveraging

One of the more interesting observations of a potential cause of our o...

Omega-3 Fish Oil | 3 min read

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Blood Pressure

The FDA recently announced limited health claims for the use of omega-...

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