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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears Creator of the Zone Diet

| 1 min read

Dr. Sears Video: Omega-3 Benefits

In this video, Dr. Sears discusses the benefits of omega-3s and what m...

| 1 min read

Aging Video Q & A with Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears Answers Your Top Aging Questions You asked - he answered. In...

Covid-19 | 3 min read

Why Obesity Makes Covid-19 Difficult to Treat

A significant, unrecognized problem in treating Covid-19 is in those w...

| 1 min read

Covid-19 Video Q & A with Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears Answers Your Top Covid19 Questions We had such a great respo...

| 6 min read

Maqui: Learn Why This Berry Is The Best Of The Best

The real secret of nutrition is understanding how the food we eat is t...

Omega-3 Fish Oil Fish Oil | 4 min read

The True Cost of Fish, Fish Oil, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Both the medical profession and the general public are becoming more a...

| 6 min read

Weight Loss: The Real Reason You Should Want to Lose Weight

We continually hear about the health reasons why you should lose weigh...

Pregnancy Q&A With Dr. Sears

This week Dr. Sears answers questions he gets pertaining to diet and p...

Zone food | 3 min read

Olive Oil Q&A with Dr. Sears

Today Dr. Sears is answering your questions about oils and which ones ...

Coronavirus and the Immune Nutrition Approach

Viruses were here long before we were and will certainly outlast us. S...

Polyphenols | 5 min read

Cocoa Benefits Q and A

Dr. Sears answers some of the top questions we receive about our new C...

Polyphenols | 4 min read

Polyphenols: Key Features to Look at When Supplementing

This week we are introducing the newest members of our polyphenol line...

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