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Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition

Posted by Dr. Sears

Jun 18, 2018 11:58:52 AM


I am still constantly asked the question “What is the Zone?”.  First, let me define the Zone once again.  It is the physiological state in which the turning on (i.e. initiation) of an inflammatory response is constantly balanced by the turning off (i.e. resolution) of that same response.  This is not a subjective definition.  Being in the Zone is determined by highly validated blood tests.  It is only by those blood tests that you can tell if you are truly well.  This is the foundation of Evidence-Based Wellness.  If you are not in the Zone, you might not have chronic disease yet but you are definitely no longer well.


What is Inflammation?   


We think of inflammation as something to be avoided.  In fact, inflammation is how you protect your body from bacterial invasion or physical injuries.  We now know there is a third factor that can also turn on these powerful inflammatory responses:  our diet.  The wrong dietary choices can be just as effective as bacterial invasions or physical injuries in turning on those inflammatory responses that are deeply embedded in our genes.     


Whatever the cause for the initiation of inflammation, you have to ultimately resolve that inflammatory response and repair the damage caused by it.  If not, you will develop chronic low-level inflammation known as cellular inflammation. You can’t feel it, but you can measure it by the clinical markers that define the Zone.  It is this type of inflammation is the underlying cause of weight gain, decreased physical performance, earlier development of chronic disease, and the acceleration of the aging process.


The Benefits of Being in the Zone


There are distinct benefits of being in the Zone include the following:

  • Increased loss of excess body fat
  • Improved physical performance
  • Increased wellness for a longer period of time

Who doesn’t want those benefits?  Unfortunately to obtain them and more importantly maintain them, you need a defined dietary system to reduce, resolve, and repair of the tissue damage coming from diet-induced inflammation.  


How Did You Get to the Zone?


Reaching the Zone requires the use of the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition program.  This dietary system consists of three distinct dietary components that are characterized by the three R’s of reducing, resolving, and repairing of diet-induced inflammation.


3 Parts of the Zone Diet

No single dietary intervention is sufficient to get you to the Zone, but the integrated use of the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system will.  What makes the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system unique is its ability to rapidly change the levels of your hormones and the expression of your genes to get you to the Zone.  Consider following the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system to be your personalized dietary hormonal and gene therapy program to maintain your wellness for as long as possible. 


The science behind those hormonal and genetic changes induced by the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system are complex, but your ability to incorporate them into your daily life has become much easier, especially with our newest generation of products.  


Your first indication of moving toward the Zone is lack of hunger or fatigue that occurs within days after starting to use the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system, followed by increased physical performance and loss of excess body fat indicated by the better fit of your clothes shortly thereafter, and finally by positive changes in your blood chemistry within 30 days.  Bold statements, yet all have been confirmed for the past 20 years in numerous clinical studies on the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet, as well as the pro-resolution effects of high-dose omega-3 concentrates and refined polyphenol extracts. 


All of the science and practical applications of Pro-Resolution Nutrition will be explained in greater detail in my newest book, The Resolution Zone, to be published next year that represents the continuing evolution of the Zone.


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