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Dr. Sears' Blog

Why Has It Been So Hard to Fight Alzheimer’s?


Recently, the National Center for Health Statistics announced that death rates in America are increasing for the first time in a decade. The.

A Slippery Subject: Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s


A recent study published in JAMA indicated that eating more fish appears to reduce the probability of developing Alzheimer’s. However, that.

Hard Times Are Ahead for Diabetes


Last month was a red-letter month for the future of mankind as the world population passed 7 billion. Unfortunately, this fact dovetails with.

This New Biomarker Predicts Alzheimer Risk


The study of the human genome and the potential for routine genetic testing down the road has brought many hotly debated topics to the table. If.

Another Notch In The Belt For The Mediterranean Diet


Diet plays a critical role in disease prevention. Often times we hear about “super foods” or individual foods that are packed with vitamins,.

Think Before Taking That Next Bite


The Mediterranean diet emphasizes consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and legumes with limited intakes of dairy, meat and.