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Celebrating 20 Years In The Zone - Adriana V.

Posted by Mary Perry, Director of Clinical Trials

Oct 22, 2018 10:12:00 AM


A Little About Adriana's Lifestyle


Adriana’s roots stem back to the Netherlands. During adulthood she worked as a journalist in Turkey and later traveled to the states where she became a senior staff member for UNICEF at the United Nations. At the soon to be age of 86 she is still active in the workforce helping to oversee part of the operations at her sons shipping company in lower Manhattan. Adriana has been following the Zone for over 20 years. She is incredibly dedicated to the point that she'll create meals at her NJ coop for herself, her son, and the secretary at her office, and commute them into Manhattan each day. See why she’s not skipping a beat in the Zone.



Bermuda-Cruise-2013-039How Did You Hear About the Zone?

I was introduced to the Zone after a friend brought over the book “The Zone” to my house one day. Upon reading it, there were so many parallels between Dr. Sears’ family history of heart disease, and my own fathers passing from heart disease, that the book made so much sense to me.


Was it hard to get started on the Zone or have there been hurdles to overcome since using it?

Not really. My son and I started it together and in the beginning we were weighing every ingredient we put on our plate to make each meal “balanced” according to the protein/ carb/ and fat grams. We even made a version of Zone cereal before Zone’s came to market, but due to lack of time we never thought to market the actual product we made in my oven!


What benefits have you seen being in the Zone?

I lost some weight gradually, starting at 170 lbs. and presently 140 lbs., but most importantly my joint pain disappeared.


What products are you using currently and for how long? Have you noticed any differences?

Fish-oil, MaquiRx, ZoneRx Chocolate Bars and recently meal replacement smoothies. I also measure my inflammation score using the Cellular Inflammation Test Kit.


Are you on any medications?

I am not taking any medication except a quarter of a baby aspirin


Anything else you want to share?

I’m currently 85 and hoping to celebrate my 86th birthday on October 29th.  I have no aches and pains and I’m still driving daily to my office in the city to work. I am told that I look and act younger than my age. I’ve been on 15 Zone cruises and always give my friends and acquaintances dietary advice based on the Zone principles.


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