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Reaching Exercise Goals Through Mindfulness


The dropout rate for new exercisers is at least 50% within the first six months. Don't let your fitness plan fall by the wayside. Here are some.

A Changing Climate for Exercise


During the summer, the gym usually quiets down as weather heats up. Running and biking outdoors trumps being stuck inside on a treadmill..

Board Shaper Keeps in Shape with the Zone


Fabio Giacomini is a well-known Italian surfboard and paddleboard shaper and president of the Italian Sup and Surfing Federation (FISS)..

New Era in Sports Performance


Elite athletes are always looking for the next new thing to improve their performance. One of the reasons we work with elite athletes is because.

Omega-3s Keep Us At the Top of Our Game


I’m retired, and I’ve never been more active. I play softball almost every day with a great bunch of guys. We are now known as Athletic.

Busting Fat-Burning Myths


Just when it appears that everyone is on the same page knowing about certain fitness myths being uncovered and proven to be just that – mythical.

Zone-Sponsored Athlete Races Here, There and Everywhere


I am finally settled into my temporary home in Australia, putting in my final training block of the 2015 season.  One race to go in what has.

Zone Diet Helping Argentina at the 2014 Soccer World Cup


Coming back from my recent trip to Argentina, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the head of Zone Diet Argentina (Dr. Alberto.

The Zone Helps Marathoner Excel


Long before the 'gluten-free' craze, I changed my eating dramatically after an unexpected root canal at the dentist. I was a healthy,.

Zone Products Give Olympian the Edge


While training for the 2012 Olympic Trials, I was in Florida on a training ride and began discussing nutrition with a former pro triathlete. She.

Trial By Mud


Year round and on any given weekend, you can find dozens of running events taking place across the United States. These consist of 5km, 10km,.

Zone Pushes Athletes To New Heights


In 1999, I read a book called 'The Zone' by Dr. Barry Sears. As an athlete, I had experimented with all types of diets in the past in hopes of.

Saving the Life of an NFL Vet with Brain Injury


George Visger a former NFL defensive tackle, and current CEO of The Visger Group specializing in traumatic brain injury consulting, having.