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Zone Living

The $24 Million Bottle of Fish Oil


Winning California SuperLotto Plus ticket for $24 million dollars matches lot number on the bottom of Zone Advantage customer's OmegaRx 2 fish.

Managing Childhood ADHD: Eric's Story


Bill's son Eric was 4 years old when his teachers suggested he may have an attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A psychologist.

Faith and Fish Oil: Cameron’s Journey


Cameron Winchell was 19 years old when a Xanax overdose left him with brain injury and respiratory failure. It's been a long road back, but.

Eliminating Arthritis Pain with Omega-3s


William Lowry is 71 and was suffering with pain in his hands from arthritis. After pain prescriptions and shots, he decided to try a more.

Are You Ready For Some Football? Your Brain Isn't


You put on your helmet when you step onto the field, but did you remember to take your fish oil? New insight shows fish oil can reverse.

Comparing Omega-3 Oils - Which are Healthiest?


Compare fish oil, krill oil, flax oil and cod liver oil. See which omega-3 oils have the best health benefits, and what differentiates them.

How Fish Oil Helped Me and My Baby


Find out how pure Dr. Sears' Zone OmegaRx Fish Oil can deliver mood, vision and brain function benefits to both mom and baby.

An Ironman's Fish Oil Experiment


Matthew Bach is an Ironman Champion who experimented by testing his blood to see if he was taking the proper amount of omega-3 fish oil each.

5 Dirty Secrets the Fish Oil Industry Doesn't Want You To Know


Dr. Barry Sears essentially started the fish oil revolution a decade ago with the publication of his landmark book The OmegaRx Zone. Since that.