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Reaching Exercise Goals Through Mindfulness


The dropout rate for new exercisers is at least 50% within the first six months. Don't let your fitness plan fall by the wayside. Here are some.

A Changing Climate for Exercise


During the summer, the gym usually quiets down as weather heats up. Running and biking outdoors trumps being stuck inside on a treadmill..

Walking for Adventure and Fitness


I am from Los Angeles, Calif., and although here we are known for being ultra-concerned with physical appearance and striving for “perfect”.

How Exercise Can Help You Quit Smoking


There is a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” sketch from 1977 starring John Belushi, who is shown flaunting his chubby physique in tight-fitting.

Busting Fat-Burning Myths


Just when it appears that everyone is on the same page knowing about certain fitness myths being uncovered and proven to be just that – mythical.

Exercise for a Stronger Immune System


We know there are all kinds of wonderful outcomes that benefit the human body when we exercise. One great effect that seems to be under reported.

Re-Modeling Our Body With Movement


We may not realize it, but most of us are moving through life and our daily activities in "stuck" mode. We wake up with aches and pains and just.

When Exercise Hurts, Should You Push Through The Pain?


One of the major limiting factors that keep people from exercising, or a reason why people drop out, is because of pain. The perception that you.

Battling Diabetes with Physical Activity


We have been hearing it on the news for so long it is practically on repeat: The incidence of diabetes is continually on the rise. However,.

Talk Your Way to Cardiovascular Fitness


The notion that we need to train in a heart-rate “zone” has long been held, and a standard formula has been widely accepted to help us make sure.

Everybody Walk!


The grim news is inescapable: Inactivity and incidence of overweight and obesity are still occurring in epidemic proportions, along with the.

Trial By Mud


Year round and on any given weekend, you can find dozens of running events taking place across the United States. These consist of 5km, 10km,.

Zone Pushes Athletes To New Heights


In 1999, I read a book called 'The Zone' by Dr. Barry Sears. As an athlete, I had experimented with all types of diets in the past in hopes of.

Full Body Training With Ropes


Exercise aficionados are always looking for the ultimate total-body workout. Most people want a workout that is fun and fast-paced, yet.

How to Further Your Career By Being Fit


In a tough market job seekers need to have an edge to stand out in a crowd of hopefuls vying for a limited number of positions. Nowadays, with.

The Truth About Core Training


In the fitness world, focus on the abdominal region has always been a hot topic. Some time in the early 2000s the spotlight shifted from.