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Articles to support a healthy Zone lifestyle.

Getting A Strong Grip On Healthy Aging


Studies have shown a correlation between grip strength being a predictor of cardiovascular disease and overall longevity. A range of studies.

Celebrating 20 Years In The Zone - Adriana V.


A Little About Adriana's Lifestyle


Adriana’s roots stem back to the Netherlands. During adulthood she worked as a journalist in Turkey and.

Celebrating 20 Years In The Zone - Theodora and John D.


Celebrating 20 Years in the Zone

If you’ve ever been on one of our Zone Cruises you have likely encountered Theodora and John D.  This month.

7 Visible Signs of Aging and How The Zone Can Help


How we choose to nourish our body on the inside will strongly affect how we appear on the outside. The visible signs of aging are often the.

Dr. Sears — 70 and Not Missing a Beat


After much travel, Dr. Barry Sears celebrated his 70th birthday  with family, friends and colleagues! If you were to look at his travel schedule.

Preventing Sedentary Behavior in Older Adults


Are you 60, 70, or even 80 years old? It’s never too late to get started doing physical activity. It's beneficial and essential to engage at.

Training Tools For Fun and Fitness


Fitness enthusiasts are always seeking new and exciting ways to stay fit and motivated. How about Kettlebells and Battling Ropes as the latest.

Reaching Exercise Goals Through Mindfulness


The dropout rate for new exercisers is at least 50% within the first six months. Don't let your fitness plan fall by the wayside. Here are some.

State Employees Lead by Healthy Example


Every year a list of the 10 “fattest” states comes out, and it’s always depressing. A non-profit health-promoting organization, “Trust for.

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