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Zone Living

The Three R’s of the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears


After writing about the Zone for more than 20 years, I am still constantly asked, “What is the Zone?” The concept of the Zone is understanding.

7 Visible Signs of Aging and How The Zone Can Help


How we choose to nourish our body on the inside will strongly affect how we appear on the outside. The visible signs of aging are often the.

The Zone Is More Than Just Losing Weight


Here are four benefits of being in the Zone, beyond losing weight, to reinvigorate your efforts all year long, including: slowing the aging.

Put Some Spring into Your Snack Recipes


Freshen up your diet by with these new Zone snack recipes inspired by springtime: Cottage Cheese with Tomato & Guac, Smoked Salmon on Rye, and.

Defeating Genetics: Teresa's Victory


Many of Teresa's family members have died prematurely due to cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Teresa is determined to not have the.

The Difference Between Losing Postpartum Weight vs. Normal Weight


For new moms, losing postpartum weight can be a challenge. However, these challenges are not the same as losing traditional weight or dropping.

Cruising Down 20 Pounds, and Counting


Kristen Ehrens joined the Zone Cruise to the Panama Canal and lost 2 lbs in a week – eating pizza, pasta and pastries, without hunger or.

Weight Loss Reality Shows vs. Your Metabolism – How You Can Win


Reality game shows on weight loss remain popular because they inspire and motivate those who share in the struggle to lose weight and live.

Is Permanent Fat Loss Possible? Surprising Secrets Revealed


More than two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. If you're part of this statistic, Zone has a Top 6 list of tidbits of information you.

Reaching for the Zone


How many times have you heard someone say that reading a particular book changed his or her life?

Six Weight-loss Blunders to Avoid


The crowds have subsided at the Y, however, the ones who are hanging on and many of the current members could benefit from this article. I.

The Zone Leads Noemi To A New Life


I grew up in a family of seven kids. Being Mexican-American also came with eating plenty of authentic food. Mom cooked homemade meals. She.

Recognizing & Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus


Plateau, as defined by Wiktionary, means, 'Reach a stable level; level off'. It's a nasty little seven-letter word for anyone who is trying to.

Florida Man Is Back In The Zone


Florida resident Miguel Amador began to follow the Zone Diet back in 2009. At 500 pounds, he was desperate to lose weight and keep it off. Like.