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Zone Living

Articles to support a healthy Zone lifestyle.

The Clinical Benefits of PastaRx


We recently completed an exciting study looking at how the Zone Diet, using primarily Zone PastaRx compared to a traditional American Diet on.

3 One-Pot Pasta Recipes: Easy Peasy & In The Zone


Enjoy three Zone-approved pasta recipes you can cook in a single pot, eliminating the laborious task of waiting for water to boil. Try our Orzo.

Thanksgiving with the Sears Family


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a time for family, friends, and food. So much delicious food. From American Casserole, to.

Running Away from Hunger (for 13.25 miles)


Zone Marketing Intern, Kelly Fitzsimmons, recently ran her first half marathon. She explains the importance of Proper nutrition before and after.

Shedding Light on the Zone Food Pyramid


The Zone Food Pyramid is a helpful tool that's been around since the early days of the Zone. Consider it your blueprint for Dr. Sears Zone Diet..

Stay Cool with Colorful Frosty Bites


Sue Knorr is a Zone Health Coach who's freezer is full of frosty summer treats: berry & yogurt pops, herbal ice cubes, ice tea pops and yogurt.

What Do the Claims on Food Labels Really Mean?


You may think you have a pretty good understanding of the terms we see on labels in the grocery store -- words like sugar-free, cage-free,.

Nuts about Nuts: The Best Nuts for the Zone Diet


Nuts pack a big punch nutritionally in a tiny, tasty package that's rich in fat and other nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that one.

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