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Zone Living

Shedding Light on the Zone Food Pyramid


The Zone Food Pyramid is a helpful tool that's been around since the early days of the Zone. Consider it your blueprint for Dr. Sears Zone Diet..

Stay Cool with Colorful Frosty Bites


Sue Knorr is a Zone Health Coach who's freezer is full of frosty summer treats: berry & yogurt pops, herbal ice cubes, ice tea pops and yogurt.

What Do the Claims on Food Labels Really Mean?


You may think you have a pretty good understanding of the terms we see on labels in the grocery store -- words like sugar-free, cage-free,.

Nuts about Nuts: The Best Nuts for the Zone Diet


Nuts pack a big punch nutritionally in a tiny, tasty package that's rich in fat and other nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that one.