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Getting A Strong Grip On Healthy Aging


Studies have shown a correlation between grip strength being a predictor of cardiovascular disease and overall longevity. A range of studies.

Celebrating 20 Years In The Zone - Adriana V.


A Little About Adriana's Lifestyle


Adriana’s roots stem back to the Netherlands. During adulthood she worked as a journalist in Turkey and.

Celebrating 20 Years In The Zone - Theodora and John D.


Celebrating 20 Years in the Zone

If you’ve ever been on one of our Zone Cruises you have likely encountered Theodora and John D.  This month.

Turn Around That Stinkin’ Thinkin’ with The Zone Diet


The other day I suggested to a friend that we go out to dinner. He said, “No one goes there, they always have a wait!” We went and were served.

Exercise: The Feel-Good Hit of the Summer


Summer means vacation time for many, and there is no greater feeling of freedom than to get out and enjoy recreational activities. This is also.

The Three R’s of the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears


After writing about the Zone for more than 20 years, I am still constantly asked, “What is the Zone?” The concept of the Zone is understanding.

7 Visible Signs of Aging and How The Zone Can Help


How we choose to nourish our body on the inside will strongly affect how we appear on the outside. The visible signs of aging are often the.

4 Ways to Stay Fit While Having Fun This Summer


So you want to have fun this summer and don’t want to spend your free time exercising? Newsflash: there are many activities you can participate.

How To Overcome the Effects of Jet Lag


What do scorching temperatures, no school, and a slower workload all have in common? They’re all great reasons to book a much-needed vacation..

How to Zone Your Super Bowl Spread


Patriots Jambalaya and Falcons Jalapeno Poppers are two football recipes that allow you to eat healthy no matter who you're rooting for. Bring.

7 Health Trends to Look for in 2017


Mary Perry, Director of Clinical Trials at Zone Labs, gets to attend a variety of medical conferences and food expos, gaining exposure to what.

How To Reverse the Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Without enough sleep, you’ll be left with impaired memory and cognitive process, weight gain, and decreased work performance and alertness..

Improve Your Health With Fitness Tracking Wearables


Stop guessing at your activity level and start getting the real data, all strapped neatly on your wrist.

Can Exercise Actually Be Bad for Long-term Wellness?


Exercise recovery using The Zone is essential to good performance and long-term wellness.

Preventing Sedentary Behavior in Older Adults


Are you 60, 70, or even 80 years old? It’s never too late to get started doing physical activity. It's beneficial and essential to engage at.

The Secret Killer: The Link Between Inflammation & Chronic Disease


What do heart disease, cancer, dementia, and diabetes have in common? Cellular inflammation. Learn the statistics, and see how Zone can help.

Share Some Zone Love This Holiday Season


The Zone is too good a secret to keep to yourself. Making it your mission to share the Zone with friends, family and even strangers is a.

Secrets of People who Exercise & What Motivates Them


Making a habit of regular exercise is as an essential element of self-care as brushing your teeth, yet somehow this is harder for people to do..