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Written by Dr. Sears' Zone
on February 06, 2015


In just a few short months since the release of Dr. Sears’ latest book, The Mediterranean Zone, the press coverage has been fantastic. Positive reviews and lifestyle tips gleaned from the book are appearing online and in some of the most widely read publications in the world.


Here is a roundup of some of the highlights:


AARP The Magazine – the world’s largest-circulation magazine with more than 47 million readers – has a nice wrap-up of Dr. Sears’ version of the Mediterranean diet in the current issue. In the introduction to a Q and A with Dr. Sears about the diet, the writer says, “Twenty years ago Barry Sears' New York Times best-seller of The Zone revolutionized the way we think about nutrition. Food is like a drug, he said: Eat too much of the wrong foods (processed carbohydrates, in particular), and you throw off your body's ability to function properly. Eat a balanced diet — what he determined to be 40 percent unrefined carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat at every meal — and you'll not only lose weight; you'll live a longer, healthier life.”


Dr. Sears’ answer to the question, “So what should we be eating — and how often?” is another great synopsis of one aspect of the Zone Diet. He said, “Eat every five hours, with one-third of your plate filled with lean protein, such as fish, chicken or tofu, and two-thirds with colorful fruits or vegetables. You will live longer and feel physically and mentally energetic every day.”


Women’s Health Magazine still has the article -- 5 Mediterranean Weight-Loss Secrets You Should Steal - Bring these pound-dropping tips stateside. – published on October 23, 2014, available on its web site. The five secrets from Dr. Sears are:

  •  “Look for Polyphenols. Polyphenols are chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their color and have a pretty amazing effect on your body.”
  •  “Make EVOO Your BFF. Beside being packed with polyphenols, extra-virgin olive oil is low in omega-6 and saturated fats that can cause inflammation.”
  •  “Spice It Up. ‘Spices are very concentrated sources of polyphenols,’ " said Sears. Of course, you shouldn't go overboard and end up with a bitter meal. Just sprinkle on as many spices as your heart desires.”
  •  “Balance Your Plate. ‘If you have one hand, one eye, and one watch, you can get the hormonal benefits of the Mediterranean Zone,’” Sears said.
  •  “Avoid White Carbs. ‘The more white carbohydrates you consume, the more inflammation you're creating,’ Sears said. Instead, get your carbohydrates mostly from non-starchy vegetables and some fruit.”

LAVA Magazine, a leading publication in the triathlon world, has a feature on its website about Dr. Sears and the book. The reviewer does a great job explaining the benefits of the Zone for high-performing endurance athletes and then really nails the essence of the book, saying, “Although it does include recipes and the how-to of the Zone Diet, the Mediterranean Zone is not a cookbook. Rather, it’s an exceptionally readable journey through the research and history of eating smart for good health and high-performance … This is an excellent book to explain why food is the most powerful drug of all and what’s going on under the hood to support that concept.”


See other appearances of Dr. Sears in the News.

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