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Written By: Zone Diet Experts

Written by Erin Nagle
on September 09, 2015


Introducing new Zone Pasta Fusilli and Orzo: A super protein that looks like pasta, tastes like pasta, feels like pasta, and suppresses hunger for up to 6 hours. With kale, here's just one way you can incorporate PastaRx into your meals.


Everywhere I go, I am being offered kale in one form or another. Roasted, toasted, steamed, shredded .... I always considered it to be decorative: Pretty on your plate next to the orange slice, interesting in your autumn-themed window box.


Now, however, it seems obligatory on every menu from Montauk to Memphis - - and apparently with plenty of good reason. This "power food" offers amazing wide-range benefits: Antioxidants, cholesterol-busters, anti-inflammatory properties, and detoxification support. It is a nutrient and fiber powerhouse. If you're not eating it, you need to change that. But where to start?


Well, I have a suggestion, and it contains not just that leafy powerhouse, but Zone PastaRx Fusilli, which I am having an unabashed foodie-affair with these days because it is - simply put - fabulous. FINALLY, I said to myself, a pasta that's good for me that is actually a joy to eat! A pasta that tastes like pasta; a pasta that feels like pasta; a pasta that leaves me satisfied and fights off hunger pangs for hours. C'mon - - is this some cruel joke? Nope! It's the answer to my pasta prayers. So let's get cooking, folks!


Fusilli and Kale

I don't give measurements or amounts below because you can make as much or as little of this as you like.

  1. I love Campari tomatoes because they are deep red and consistently flavorful. Quarter cut as many of them as you'd like and place them in a sauté pan with a little bit of olive oil.
  2. Next, take some Vidalia onion and slice it paper thin. Toss the onion in with your tomatoes and salt and pepper. Turn the heat on to a medium setting.
  3. While that combination simmers, take a splatter screen and place it over your pan.
  4. I love the Tuscan kale, and I chop it into large pieces, but you may experiment with any type of kale you'd like to use. Wash it with cold water and set it aside.
  5. Take a clove of garlic and slice it very thinly and set aside.
  6. Give your sauté pan a shake to move things around, and if you have a little wine (red or white, your preference), splash a bit in the pan and swirl it to mix.
  7. Pull out a pot and put some water and salt in it and set it to boil.
  8. The contents of your sauté pan should be making some steam now. Time to add the kale on top of your tomato/onion mixture. Put the splatter screen in the sink and cover your pan with a solid pan cover.
  9. Let the pan's contents "steam" your kale for about 2 minutes, then carefully lift the pan lid and with a pair of tongs, turn and toss the kale in and around your tomato/onion mixture.
  10. Set heat to low, add your garlic slices, and if you like a bit of zing, you can add a bit of dried red pepper flakes. Cover again.
  11. Now, put that fabulous Zone Fusilli in the boiling water and WATCH THE TIME. I cook it at a full boil for about six minutes; then begin testing it to see if it is softening. Here is the key for getting the perfect mouth-feel with the pasta: Cook it a bit less than the package instructs so it is truly "to the tooth". Drain off almost all the water; then add the pasta and the bit of pasta water to your sauté pan filled with those lovely vegetables. Mix everything around with your tongs and cook for another 40-60 seconds.

Plate it up, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese, pour yourself some wine, and get ready for my favorite healthy meal. You're not just eating a delicious meal; you're eating in The Zone. Now, that's what I call a true win/win.

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