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Written By: Zone Diet Experts

Written by Dr. Barry Sears
on June 09, 2015


It’s always nice to leave the country for a few weeks to see how others in the world are embracing the Zone concept after 20 years.


Embarking on my European journey, my first stop was Bologna with an event for several hundred people eager to hear about the latest developments in the Zone. Since there are many since my last trip to Europe, I had plenty to discuss with them. The next day it was off to the northeast corner of Italy to give seminars at both a local gym (complete with Zone buffet luncheon) and then on to an Italian pharmacist cooperative in the evening (crossing the Rubicon along the way). Cutting back toward the middle of Italy, I gave a sports seminar to about 300 people using a converted indoor tennis court (it was an incredibly wealthy sports club) as my stage. Of course, having another Zone buffet waiting afterwards was a nice plus. Pushing on that evening, it was a seminar to yet another pharmacists’ cooperative.


Then it was off to begin my launch of the Italian translation of The Mediterranean Zone, first with an interview with the leading newspaper (La Stampa) in Italy followed by appearing on national TV for more than 90 minutes on the top-rated news show in Italy that can be best described as a cross between 60 Minutes and The View. Next day it was back to Milan for a press conference to launch the book with approximately 80 journalists, of course, followed by another Zone buffet. (No rubber chicken on these trips). No rest for the weary, as I then traveled back toward Venice to relate my 40-year history of the development of the Zone Diet.


Turning on a dime, I went back to Milan to speak at the semi-annual Zone Consultants’ conference for about 200 physicians followed by a late-night flight to Spain to speak the next morning at the semi-annual Zone Consultants’ conference with another 150 physicians. The next day was the launch of the Spanish version of The Mediterranean Zone by hosting 20 journalists to hear about the newest book as well as getting a 5-course Zone meal prepared by one of the top TV chefs in Spain, who is also a long-time Zone advocate.


After getting a short rest on a 12-hour flight from Madrid to Mexico City, I had two more appearances on national TV as a prelude to our annual Physicians’ Conference where we announced the newest results of our clinical trials in the United States on the use of Zone Pasta to treat metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). The highlight for me was the preliminary testing of the new Zone Corn Tortillas. Our Mexican partners were highly skeptical that any American could possibly reproduce authentic Mexican corn tortillas, let alone ones that stopped hunger. They were dumbstruck that both impossible tasks were accomplished. Maybe this is the way to reverse obesity and diabetes in Mexico.


Finally, it was back to the United States where Dr. Oz and fellow TV pundits dominate the world of nutrition. Oh, well, at least I can look forward to returning to Europe and Mexico in the fall.


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