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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Kristin Sears
on January 23, 2017


Patriots Jambalaya and Falcons Jalapeno Poppers are two football recipes that allow you to eat healthy no matter who you're rooting for. Bring these dishes to your Big Game party and you can't lose.


Super Bowl is fast approaching and boy am I hungry!


This final NFL matchup between the Patriots and the Falcons is a high stakes affair, and with high stakes comes high levels of stress eating. Factor in an unhealthy spread of snacks usually assembled at Super Bowl gatherings, and it’s a perfect nutritional storm that will derail your new year’s resolutions.


In the past we've recommended bringing healthier options, but we all know they end up being shoved to the back of an otherwise appetizing spread, wilting and untouched. Now that you can have Zone PastaRx, fooling your friends (and yourself) into scarfing down healthy snacks while watching the Super Bowl has never been easier!


Try these two dishes head to head. Or to add excitement to any healthy dish, add PastaRx and make a plate that reflects whichever team you’re supporting!


Patriots Jambalaya

Zone Jambalaya with PastaRx Orzo

The rallying cry among New England football fans is now a healthy, hearty jambalaya. Zone PastaRx Orzo soaks up the delicious flavors of spices and veggies, while chicken and shrimp compliment every spoonful with a warm, satisfying bite. It's a catch you won't want to miss.


Try our Patriots Jambalaya.


Falcons Jalapeno Poppers

Zone Jalapeno Poppers

A southern dish with mild and creamy orzo pasta filling, stuffed with Parmesan cheese that cools down the spice of jalapeno peppers. And the kick is good.


Try our Falcons Jalapeno Poppers.

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