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Written by Dave Schreck
on November 18, 2019

Long- time "Zoner" and Zone Newsletter author, Dave Schreck, sat down with Dr. Sears and asked him some questions about his latest book. See what Dr. Sears has to say in this Resolution Response Q&A.

According to the CDC, almost half of all Americans are overweight or obese resulting in diabetes or pre-diabetes. That’s three out of four adults. Unfortunately, most medications simply mask the symptoms and don’t address the underlying cause of what is making us sick. Our diets are making us sick with highly processed carbohydrate-rich foods and excessive amounts of vegetable oils that cause diet-induced inflammation.  What’s the solution?    

Dr. Sears’ new book, The Resolution Zone, offers a new understanding of why we gain weight, develop chronic disease and age faster. The Resolution Zone represents decades of research, understanding the role of diet in controlling inflammation and the resulting chronic conditions associated with it. If you are interested in making some simple and easy changes to your lifestyle to live a longer and healthier life, this book is a must-read.   

I sat down with Dr. Sears and asked him the following questions.

Q: You have published more than a dozen Zone books (16). How is “The Resolution Zone” different?   

A: It’s the culmination of 35 years of research to understand the power of food to reduce inflammation and increase healing. That's why I think it's the most exciting book I've written because it explains why we have a certain chronic disease and why it’s a blocked healing process. Scientifically, this is called the resolution response. This book talks about the resolution response and how you can optimize it with a dietary system.   

Q: What is the Resolution Response?   

A: It’s the scientific term I use to describe the body’s natural ability to heal. The book, The Resolution Zone, explains how unresolved cellular inflammation occurs and how it will reduce your potential healthspan, the period of one’s life unburdened by the chronic diseases of aging. I also offer easy to follow guidelines to reclaim your maximum potential healthspan.      

Q: What is the best way to motivate someone to optimize the Resolution Response?  

A: Many people have a chronic condition that is debilitating or terminal and that will be the motivation to change for some. But there’s a better way. Ask the question, “how long do you want to live and how well do you want to live?” If the answer is I want to live long and live well, then this is the book for them.   

Q: There are so many other diets out there why do you believe the Zone is the best or most effective?   

A: All diets must be tested in the crucible of science. If you don’t have science, then everybody is basically right. Science takes competing theories and determines only the best will win. There have been more than 35 studies that have demonstrated that the Zone program is superior to all other diets relative to blood sugar control, fat loss, lipid control (cholesterol), and is most effective in reducing inflammation.  But that’s only the first step to activating the Resolution Response. You still need adequate levels of omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols. If any of these 3 steps are blocked, you won’t be able to activate the resolution response and increased inflammation will be in your future.   

Q: What’s a typical day related to food and supplements?  

A: I try to balance every meal with protein, carbohydrates and fat. You need about 25 grams of protein at each meal, about the amount I can fit in the palm of my hand. I primarily use plant-based sources. Why? It’s good for me and good for the planet. But that can be difficult, so I utilize the Zone shakes and Zone PastaRx. I try to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day with an emphasis on the vegetables. Plus, I take adequate levels of omega 3 fatty acids (OmegaRx 2) and polyphenols (MaquiRx).   

Q: What is the most important takeaway from your new book?  

A: The Resolution Zone provides a highly defined dietary pathway to reclaim your maximum potential healthspan using food as if it were a drug that can be used for a lifetime without doing you any harm.  

I will take you step by step from the basic concepts of inflammation to how to reduce, resolve, and repair inflammation and its related chronic diseases using a healthy diet, omega 3’s and polyphenols. You are the one who can best optimize the Resolution Response. By doing so you’ve done everything in your power regarding your dietary control to live a longer healthier life. 

The Resolution Zone is Now Available

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